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Struggling? We can help you get online!

Getting online can be a difficult task at times. You need to register a domain, setup hosting and then work on creating that website you always wanted. Call IT Mate was designed to make your life easy by providing services that will take you away from these time consuming tasks. Now you can focus on setting up your business or even growing your business. Have a chat with a mate and we can help you work out what stage you currently are at and what needs to be done next.

Faster Speeds

When hosting your website on our Australian based servers, your customers within Australia will experience a much more responsive and faster loading time of your web site.

The faster speed is due to the fact that the time for a small ping packet to reach an Australian server is typically between 6ms – 40ms, compared to 200-300ms when your web site is hosted in USA.

While this difference seems small, it has the compounding effect when you have tens of kilobytes of data per page on your web site.

You and your website visitors can definitely tell that it’s a BIG difference.


Large Space

Our web hosting plans provide a generous amount of space to host all your web pages, images and files. We can space based on your needs if required.

Unlimited POP3 Email

We give you the freedom to create as many email accounts as you need for your staff or family members. All emails are scanned for viruses too!

DNS Records

We manage and maintain your DNS records so you don’t have to worry about those geeky computer stuff that can get frustrating at times.

Traffic Allowance

Our range of traffic allowance is designed to cater for a wide range of web sites from a simple site up to a busy information and community portal.

Web Mail Facility

We provide webmail facilities with address book and calendar so you can read and reply to your emails while you are away enjoying your travels.

Daily Backup

We backup your website and database daily. So if you run into issues, all you need to do is call a mate and no need to stress as it’s FREE!

Site Statistics

We provide automated detailed statistics so you know how your site is doing. Find out which part of your site is doing well and when.

Hosted Exchange

We can provide you hosted exchange facilities integrated with your hosting package. Hosted Exchange is a powerful email solution available to you.

Unlimited FTP Access

FTP can easily transfer lots of files (images, web pages, even a whole site!) from your computer to your Web Hosting account.

SSL Certificates

We have partnered with one of the leading SSL certificate authorities to offer you low cost SSL certificates with free installation.

Microsoft / Linux

Even though we encourage people to be using Linux for webhosting purposes. We do also provide you the option of using a Microsoft servers.

Virus Protection

Tired of receiving at that silly spam? All emails pass through or system are scanned for viruses. We can even help in reducing the amount of spam.

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